Syntax and Semantics

Extra contact data is accessed using IQ stanzas, specifically by means of a child element qualified by the 'jabber:iq:roster-dynamic' namespace. The child element MAY contain one or more children, each describing a unique contact item. Content of the element is not specified and is implementation dependent. From the Tigase server point of view it can contain any valid XML data. Whole element is passed to the DynamicRoster? implementation class as is and without any verification. Upon retrieving the contact extra data the DynamicRoster? implementation is supposed to provide a valid XML element with all the required data for requested 'jid'.

The 'jid' attribute specifies the Jabber Identifier (JID) that uniquely identifies the roster item. Inclusion of the 'jid' attribute is REQUIRED.

Following actions on the extra contact data are allowed: