Setting Up Remote Monitoring in the Server

The Tigase server can be remotely monitored over following protocols: JMX/RMI, SNMP and HTTP. Even though JMX offers the biggest control and visibility to the server states all of the monitoring services give the same basic set of the server statistics:

  • Number of network connections for s2s, c2s and Bosh
  • Last second, last minute and last hour load for all main components: SM, MR, c2s, s2s, Bosh, MUC and PubSub
  • System statistics - memory usage (heap and non heap) and the server uptime in milliseconds and human readable text.
  • Users statistics - number of registered users and number of online user session.

JMX/RMI and SNMP servers offer basic security and can restrict access based and the HTTP server doesn’t offer any access restriction mechanisms. Therefore HTTP monitoring is recommended to work behind a firewall.

The monitoring itself causes very low overhead in terms of the resources and CPU consumption on top of the normal Tigase processing requirements so it can be left always on without worrying about performance degradation.

Note. This works with the Tigase server from version 4.2.0 or SVN revision 1418.