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MySQL Database Installation

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Tigase server installation The server installation should be started with downloading the Tigase server from our download area. This guide describes installation procedure for the branch 3.x of the server so please pick up the latest version of the Tigase 3.x.

The Windows binary package is an executable file containing installer. Run the file and the server will be installed and icons will be added to your Windows start menu. Locate the Tigase group in your menu and execute: "Install Tigase service" which will install the Tigase server as the system service and it will be automatically started whenever your system starts.

If you are going to use the Tigase server with MySQL database have a look now in the directory where the Tigase server is installed. There is a directory etc/. Have a look inside and find file called Open the file with a text editor and make sure you added there 2 following lines:


The content of the file should look like the example screenshot below: