In order to collect statistics over period of time following groovy script can be used: StatsDumper.groovy. It’s a Simple JMX client that connects to Tigase and periodically save all statistics to files.

It takes following parameters:

$ groovy StatsDumper.groovy [hostname] [username] [password] [dir] [port] [delay(ms)] [interval(ms)] [loadhistory(bool)]
  • hostname - address of the instance
  • username - JMX username
  • password - JMX username
  • dir - directory to which save the files with statistics
  • port - port on which to make the connection
  • delay(ms) - initial delay in milliseconds after which statistics should be saved
  • interval(ms) - interval between each retrieval/saving of statistics
  • loadhistory(bool) - indicates whether or not load statistics history from server (if such is enabled in Tigase)