Selection of Packs to be Installed

Some packs are optional and you can disable/enable them. In the following screen they have an [x] option before them. To switch their state enter item number and ENTER. When done press d and ENTER.

Select the packs you want to install:

1 => Base, The base files
2 => Unix Files, Files needed to run the server on Unix like systems
3 => [x] Docs, The documentation
4 => [x] Extras, Extras libraries, MUC, PubSub...
5 => [x] Derby Database, Derby database and JDBC driver
6 => [x] MySQL Database, MySQL JDBC driver (MySQL has to be
installed separately)
7 => [x] PostgreSQL Database, PostgreSQL JDBC driver
(PostgreSQL has to be installed separately)
8 => [x] SQL Server Database, SQL Server JDBC driver (SQL
Server has to be installed separately)
9 => [ ] Sources, The server source files, tools and
libraries sources are not included
r => Redisplay menu
d => Done

Choose action: d
press 1 to continue, 2 to quit, 3 to redisplay