PyMSN-t - /etc/jabber/pymsn-t.xml file

  <!-- The JabberID of the transport -->
  <!-- The public IP or DNS name of the machine
    the transport is running on -->
  <!-- The location of the PID file, relative
    to the PyMSNt directory -->
  <!-- If set, the transport will background
    itself when run, we don't want to do this right
    now. -->
  <!-- <background/> -->
  <!-- The IP address of the main Jabber server
    to connect to -->
  <!-- The TCP port to connect to the Jabber
    server on (this is the default for Jabberd2) -->
  <!-- The authentication token to use when
    connecting to the Jabber server -->
  <!-- Please give the port to listen for Jabber
    socks5 transfers on. Note the standard port number
    set here is <strong>8010</strong>. This port
    however is in use on my machine so this is why
    I had to set it to different value.-->
  <!-- The logging level
    0 -> No logging
    1 -> Log tracebacks
    2 -> Log tracebacks, warnings and errors
    3 -> Log everything -->
  <!-- The file to log to. Leave this disabled
    for stdout -->
  <!-- <debugFile>debug.log</debugFile> -->