JDBCTask implements tasks for cyclic retrieving stanzas from database and sending them to the StanzaHandler object.

Database table format:

  • id - numerical unique record indetifier.
  • stanza - text field containing valid XML data with XMPP stanza to send.

Any record in this table is treated the same way - Tigase assmes it contains valid XML data with XMPP stanza to send. No other data are allowed in this table. All stanzas must be complete including correct "from" and "to" attriutes.

By default it looks for stanzas in xmpp_stanza table but you can specify different table name in connection string. Sample connection string:


Please note the last parameter which is specific to JDBCTask. You can specify the table name which stores stanzas for sending. If omitted default value is: xmpp_stanza.