Installation Steps

Now you are ready to to install the server.

Some tips for working with the console installer:

  • Please remember to write down your JDK location because you will need to type it during the installation process.
  • Installer consists of number of screens which relate to different configuration aspects. Most of the panels end with a question whether you want to redisplay the panel or quit installer. When you make a mistake you will be probably asked later if you want re-enter the data again.
  • To quit the installer use standard termination key specific to your platform. For example on a Linux system it is the Ctrl+C key combination. Keep in mind that if you quit the installer after it copied some files - it may leave them in the place and you might have to remove them manually.
  • In current version the installer is of beta quality and using advanced configuration is not recommended. It might work, however it is not much tested and will be improved later.