Generic Documents - Applying to All Tigase Server Versions

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This section keeps set of documents which apply to all the Tigase server version and contain more generic or introductory information.

  • ////<<genericConfiguration,////Configuration
  • ////<<genericServerCertificates,////Server certificates
  • ////<<genericPymsn-t,////Tigase and PyMSN-t transport
  • ////<<genericTwoSessionManagers,////Two or more SessionManagers
  • ////<<genericdatabasePreperation,////Database preparation
  • ////<<genericLoadBalancing,////Tigase Load Balancing
  • ////<<genericSchemaChange51,////Tigase database minor but useful schema change in version 5.1.0
  • ////<<genericStanzaSender,////StanzaSender
  • ////<<genericDebuggingTigase,////Debuging Tigase
  • ////<<genericImportingData,////Importing user data
  • ////<<genericDrupalAuthentication,////Drupal authentication added