External Component Configuration

Artur Hefczyc <artur.hefczyc@tigase.net> v2.0, June 2014: Reformatted for AsciiDoc. :toc: :numbered: :website: http://tigase.net :Date: 2010-04-06

In the Tigase server version 4.4.x a new implementation for connecting external components has been introduced.

It is much simpler to setup and follows the same configuration standards as all other components. It is also much more powerful as a single instance can control many TCP/IP ports and many external components on each port and even allows for multiple connections for the same component. It supports both XEP-0114 and XEP-0225 with protocol auto-detection mechanisms. Protocols are pluggable so in future more protocols can be supported or custom extensions to existing protocols can be added.

The implementation also supports scripting API and new domains with passwords can be added at run-time using ad-hoc commands. New scripts can be loaded to even further control all connected external components.

Even though it is much simpler to setup and to use it also offers a lot of new functionality and features. Pages in this guide describe in details all the administration aspects of setting up and managing external components.

  • ////<<4xbasicConfiguration,////Basic Configuration Options (External Component)
  • ////<<4xexternalComponent,////Tigase as External Component
  • ////<<loadBalancingExternalComponent,////Load Balancing External Components in Cluster Mode