Certificate From Other Providers

There is number of certificate providers offering certificates either for free or for money. You can use any of them, however you have to be aware that sometimes certificates might not be recognized by all other XMPP servers, especially if this is a new provider. Here is an example list of providers:

  • CAcert - free certificates with an excellent Web GUI for managing generated certificates and identities.
  • StartCom - both free and paid certificates, class 1, 2 and 3. Very good GUI for managing certificates and identities.
  • Verisign - very expensive certificates comparing to above provides but the provider is recognized by everybody. If you have a certificate from Verisign you can be sure it is identified as a valid certificate.
  • Comodo Certificate Authority offers different kind of commercial certificates

To obtain certificate from such a third party authority you have to go to its Website and request the certificate using certificate request generated above. I can not provide any instructions for this as each of above providers have a different offer and a different user interface.