Basic Server Configuration


On this screen you will find most important basic configuration options. As this guide covers only non-advanced set up - disable the advanced configuration checkbox.

You can select which components will be installed. For most installations default selection will most appropriate. You can expand the list to check if any of the other options will better suit your needs.

It is very important that you enter your domain name correctly here.

  • On Linux like system you can use the hostname command and extract the domain part from the output. If you use the -f parameter then you will get the fully qualified domain name.
  • On Windows use the standard System control panel applet. You will find your domain (computer name) in the Computer name tab.

On the other hand if you want to use Tigase virtual domain support and you have your DNS system configured properly, then you can put your virtual domains list here. Just separate them by comma characters. For example if your server is seen from the outside as, and then you can use Tigase instance as if it were three separate instances. In reality it will be one server, however will be a different user then This feature allows to use one server for separating user groups, for example different organizations.

When you will have your domain name just enter it in the domain text box. Next parameter will be the JID of server administrator. Standard practice is to give him name of admin, however you may choose any name you like. For example for domain full admin name would be Just stick your chosen name and domain together using the @ character as separator.

Starting from this version your XMPP admin will be automatically added to the database, so after installation you can just login into the server without registering admin manually.

You should also select a database which will be used for storing user info. Default is the Derby database, if you don’t need anything special just leave it as it is. Just select a new password as the default one may be easy to guess for a hacker.

Important notice: Tigase installer doesn’t contain the actual databases, only drivers allowing db access. One exception is Derby database, which is included in JDK. It is automatically configured by installer, in case of other databases you will need to configure them by yourself.