About Tigase Jabber/XMPP Server

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Artur Hefczyc <artur.hefczyc@tigase.net> v2.0, June 2014: Reformatted for AsciiDoc. :toc: :numbered: :website: http://tigase.net :Date: 2010-04-06 16:18

Tigase Jabber/XMPP Server is Open Source and Free (GPLv3) Java based server. The goals behind the design and implementation of the server are:

  1. Make the server robust and reliable.
  2. Make the server secure communication platform.
  3. Make flexible server which can be applied to different use cases.
  4. Make extensible server which takes full advantage of XMPP protocol extensibility.
  5. Make the server easy to setup and maintain.

Robust and reliable.

By robust and reliable server I mean the server which can handle many concurrent requests/connections and can run for a long time. By many concurrent requests/connections I mean as many as it is needed. The server is designed and implemented to handle milions of simultaneous connections.

It is not enough however to design and implement high load server and hope it will run well. The main focus in the project is put in tests. Tests are taken so seriously that dedicated testing framework has been implemented. All server functions are considered as implemented only when they pass testing cycle. The testing cycle consists of 3 fundamental tests:

  1. Functional tests - checking whether the function works at all.
  2. Performance tests - checking whether the function performs well enough.
  3. Stability tests - checking whether the function behaves well in long term run. It must handle hundreds of requests a second in several hours server run.