Chapter 8. Installing Using Console Installer

Table of Contents

Installation Using the text-mode Installer
Requirements and Important Notice
Download the Installer
Run the jar File
Installation Steps
Initial Screen
JDK Selection
Actions Selection
Installer Info
Server Info
Server Licence
Server Location Selection
Selection of Packs to be Installed
Basic Configuration
Advanced Configuration
Database Configuration
Database Checking and Preparation
Installation Complete
Running the Sever
How to Check if the Server is Running

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Installation Using the text-mode Installer

When you install Tigase server on a desktop machine or a server having a graphical user interface - you can use the ////<<guiInstaller,////GUI installer. However servers are often administered using SSH text-mode connection because of low connection requirements or user preferences. Because of a popular users demand Tigase development team has decided to implement a console installer for the server.

Note! The console installer is available for the Tigase server from version 4.1.5 and later.

Requirements and Important Notice

Before trying the installer please keep in mind:

  • This is first - alpha rate version of the text-mode installation - meant to install the server and do some basic configuration. We will be very happy to see bug reports and overall feedback about this feature. Please send your remarks to Artur Hefczyc or Mateusz Fiolka.
  • You will still need to perform some additional steps before running the installer. Main requirement is to download and install Java JDK of minimal 1.6 version. This guide is aimed at advanced users - thus downloading and configuring JDK is left to the reader. You can find more info at the Java downloads site.