Chapter 7. Installation Using GUI Installer

Table of Contents

Download the Installer
Run the jar File
Starting the Installation
JDK Selection
Installation Type Selection
Introduction To the Server
Choice of Base Directory
Packages selection
Basic Server Configuration
Verification of Database Connection and Performing DB Tasks
Finishing Installation
Running the Server
Installation as a Service
How to Check if the Server is Running

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If you don’t want to install Tigase using manual method, you can use the GUI installer. It not only copies server files to preferred place, but also assists with configuration of the most important parameters and database setup. Therefore it is the preferred way to install Tigase.


Before you can start the GUI installer you will need to have working Java environment. Although installer only requires JRE (Java Runtime Environment), server needs the JDK (Java Development Kit). Please do note that currently minimal JDK version Tigase is capable to run on is 1.6. If you don’t have JDK installed it is the right moment to do it. Visit the Java downloads site From the list of available packages select newest JDK version (if you don’t have a specific need to use J2EE then choose a package without it). After configuring JDK you can download the Tigase GUI installer and start the server installation process. It is also important to set the JAVA_HOME environment correctly.