Tigase - etc/tigase.conf file

You may consider to remove 2 last lines from TIGASE_OPTIONS variable to not use MySQL for now. Tigase will then use internal XMLDB which doesn’t need any special setup. (Just remember to leave closing double quotes…​)

ENC="-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -Dsun.jnu.encoding=UTF-8"
JAVA_OPTIONS="${ENC} ${DRV} -server -Xms100M -Xmx100M "
## All TIGASE_OPTIONS settings must be in single line
## They are split to make them more readable
TIGASE_OPTIONS="--gen-config-all --admins \"tus@test-d\"
 --virt-hosts test-d,localhost --debug server
 --ext-comp \"test-d,msn.test-d,5347,secret,plain,accept\"
 --user-db mysql --user-db-uri
 \"jdbc:mysql://localhost/tigase?user=tigase&password=mypass\" "