Chapter 1. PubSub Component

Table of Contents

Major changes
New features
Pubsub naming
Configure Roster Maximum size
Store Full XML of Last Presence
Using separate store
Enabling PEP support
Enabling REST API
Changing nodes cache size
Enable sending last published item on presence
Tune handling of low memory
Disable automatic subscription of node creator
Preparation of database
Upgrade of database schema
Schema description
PubSub Schema Changes
AdHoc Commands
Create a Node
Delete a Node
Subscribe to a Node
Unsubscribe to a Node
Publish an item to a Node
PubSub Node Presence Protocol
Create a node
Delete a node
Subscribe to a node
Unsubscribe from a node
Publish an item to a node
Delete an item from a node
List available nodes
List published items on node
Retrieve item published on node
Retrieve user subscriptions
AdHoc Commands

Tigase’s Publish Subscribe component is an XEP-0060 compliant plugin handling all publish and subscribe activity within Tigase server. This is enabled as default with the pubsub name, however you may include the following line if you wish to customize it’s configuration.

pubsub () {}

You may change the name so long as you specify the pubsub class within parenthesis.


Major changes

Tigase pubsub component has undergone a few major changes to our code and structure. To continue to use Tigase pubsub component, a few changes may be needed to be made to your systems. Please see them below:

Database schema changes

Current version comes with changes to database schema to improve JID comparison during lookup of nodes, subscriptions, affiliations, etc.

To continue usage of new versions of pubsub component it is required to manually load new component database schema, see database preparation section for more information.


Loading of new database schema is required to use new version of pubsub component.

Changes in REST API

We continuously work on improving usability and making our REST API easier to use we added support for handling JSON requests in REST API for pubsub. At the same time we decided to slightly modify responses in XML sent by REST API to make responses in JSON and XML similar.

For more informations about current REST API please look into Rest API section.

New features

Support for using separate database for different domains

Since this version it is possible to use separate pubsub nodes and items based on domains. This allows you to configure component to store informations about nodes and items for particular domain to different database.

For more informations please look into using multiple databases.

Support for MAM

In this version we added support for XEP-0313: Message Archive Management protocol which allows any MAM compatible XMPP client with pubsub support to retrieve items published on pubsub nodes using MAM protocol for querying.