Chapter 2. Tigase MUC Release Notes

Table of Contents

Tigase MUC 3.2.0 Release Notes
Major Changes
All Changes

Welcome to Tigase MUC 3.2.0! This is a feature release for with a number of fixes and updates.

Tigase MUC 3.2.0 Release Notes

Major Changes

  • Bring MUC specification support up to date
  • Improve handling of multiple user session using same nickname
  • Fixes and improvements to ad-hoc scripts

All Changes

  • #muc-133: Add component option to let only admins create rooms
  • #muc-134: Better MUC Converter log
  • #muc-136: MUC specification supported by Tigase MUC is out of data
  • #muc-137: Add support for <iq/> forwarding with multiple resources joined
  • #muc-138: kicks my clients if I use them both
  • #muc-139: Create script to (mass) delete MUC rooms
  • #muc-140: There is no empty <subject/> element for persistent room sent after re-joining
  • #muc-141: StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in IqStanzaForwarderModule
  • #muc-142: NullPointerException when processing message with subject
  • #muc-143: Fix MUC scripts: "No such property: mucRepository for class: tigase.admin.Script151"
  • #muc-144: No signature of method: tigase.muc.cluster.RoomClustered.addAffiliationByJid()