• BOSH exception now ignored if connector is disconnected while in disconnection stage.
  • Fixed NPE from StreamManagementModule with not sent Elements.
  • #3401 Fixed NPE during check of timeout request in GWT.
  • #3626 Dummy TrustManager removed for Websocket Connections, now Defaults to use Java Certificate Checker.
  • #3718 Removed 'Disconnecting!!' exception from AbstractWebSocketConnector which caused RuntimeException when attempting to send error stanza.
  • #3831 Fixed text to byte stream error causing a drop in packets when using special characters.
  • #3902 Fixed Websocket connections closing after 3 minutes of inactivity.
  • #3917 Fixed error where JaXMPP would send invalid XML stanzas resulting in disconnection in rare circumstances.
  • #3982 Fixed Websocket header being sent with invalid values.
  • #4051 Fixed occasional NPE while processing <message> stanzas.
  • #4061 Fixed issue with sending errors during stream error.
  • #4069 Enabled proper masking of Websocket Frames and proper connection close with unmasked frames.
  • #4076 Fixed stream closing logic, JaXMPP now waits to receive </stream:stream> from server before closing stream.
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