Starting up

Go back up one level to the main directory

cd ..

From the main directory use the following command:

./scripts/ upgrade-schema etc/tigase.conf

This is required to setup the associated database and if not run will result in the program being unable to run.

You should see a status report once everything is done:

      Schema upgrade finished

Configuration file etc/config.tdsl was updated to match current format.
Previous version of configuration file was saved as etc/config.tdsl.old

Data source: default with uri jdbc:derby:tigase_iot;create=true
      Checking connection to database ok
      Checking if database exists     ok
      Loading Common Schema Files     ok
      Loading schema: Tigase XMPP Server (Core), version: 8.0.0-SNAPSHOT-b5214/ff351c8a (database version: none)      ok
      Loading schema: Tigase PubSub Component, version: 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT-b652/eb442404 (database version: none) ok
      Adding XMPP admin accounts      warning
              Message: Error: No admin users entered
      Post installation action        ok

Once this process is complete, you can run the hub itself with the following command:

./scripts/ start etc/tigase.conf

The hub is now active and running.

Now it’s time to install and start the IoT Framework.