Running project

To run this project on a device (ie. Raspberry Pi), copy distribution package to a device and unzip archive. Inside in bin directory there are project startup files named same as your project name, ie. test-project

After running following command, project will start and try to connect to XMPP server as defined in project configuration file.



It is possible to pass additional options or configuration options during startup. For a detailed description of this options please look into section describing running of Tigase IoT Framework.


If your project adds new type of sensors or new types of data then you will need to extend client and client-library modules to add support for them before you will be able to see this new device in a UI. Unresolved directive in /opt/teamcity/buildAgent/work/3ded5378ef0287cf/target/dependencies/docs/rel1/rel2/rel3/iot-framework-documentation/index.asciidoc - include::text/User_interface.asciidoc[] == Internal design

In our design IoT devices are connecting to Tigase IoT Hub acting as a central hub for all IoT devices. For communication IoT devices uses PubSub component deployed on XMPP server which acts as a message broker.