New/Join MUC

Tapping the plus button on the top right will bring up the new/join muc panel. This interface will allow you to either join an existing or create a new MUC on your chosen server.

  • Account: This is the account that will handle data for the MUC chatroom. This is available for users who have multiple accounts logged in.
  • Server: The server the chatroom is located on, in many cases the muc server will be, but may be different.
  • Room: The name of the chatroom you wish to create or join.
  • Nickname: Your name for use inside the MUC. This will become MUC conversations do not leak your XMPP account, so a nickname is required.
  • Password: The password for the MUC room. If you are creating a new chatroom, this will serve as the chat room password.

Once you are finished, tap Join and you will join, or the room will be opened for you.

The recent panel will now display the chatroom, you may tap it to enter the MUC interface.

When in a chatroom, you may view the occupants by tapping Occupants, and will be given a list and statuses of the room participants.