The contacts panel serves as your Roster, displaying all the contacts you have on your roster, and displaying statuses along with their names. Tigase Messenger for iOS supports vCard-Temp Avatars and will retrieve them if they are uploaded by a user.


Contacts with green icons are available or free to chat status. Contacts with yellow icons are away or extended away. Contacts with red icons are in do not disturb status. Contacts with gray icons are offline or unavailable.

Note that contacts will remain gray if you decide not to allow presence notifications in the settings.

You may remove or edit contacts by dragging a contact to the left and tapping Delete. You also have the ability to edit a contact, explained in the next section. Deleting the contact will remove them from your roster, and remove any presence sharing permissions from the contact.


You may also filter contacts by status by selecting All to display all users, or Available to hide users that are offline or unavailable.