List of Messages

  • Lines of preview: Sets the lines of preview text to keep within the chat window without using internal or message archive.
  • Sorting: Allows sorting of recent messages by Time, or by status and time (with unavailable resources at the bottom).


  • Send messages on return: If you are offline or away from connection, messages may be resent when you are back online or back in connection if this option is checked.
  • Clear chat on close: If this is enabled, when you close chats from the recent screen, all local history on the device will be deleted. This does not affect operation of offline or server-stored message archives.
  • Message carbons: Enables or disables message carbons to deliver to all resources. This is on by default, however some servers may not support this.
  • Request delivery receipts: Whether or not to request delivery receipts of messages sent.


  • File sharing via HTTP: This setting turns on the use of HTTP file sharing using the application. The server you are connected too must support this component to enable this option.
  • Simplified link to HTTP file: This creates a simplified link to the file after uploading rather than directly sending the file. This may be useful for intermittent communications.
  • Max image preview size: Sets the maximum size of image previews to download before fully downloading files. Setting this at 0 prevents previews from retrieving files.
  • Clear cache: This clears the devices cache of all downloaded and saved files retrieved from HTTP upload component.