Adding a contact

To add a contact, tap the plus button in the upper left and the add contact screen will show.


First, select the account friends list you wish the new contact to be added too. Then type in the JID of the user, do not use resources, just bare JID. You may enter a friendly nickname for the contact to be added to your friend list, this is optional. When adding users, you have two options to select:

  • Send presence updates - This will allow sending of presence status and changes to this user on your roster. You may disable this to reduce network usage, however you will not be able to obtain status information.
  • Receive presence updates - Turning this on will enable the applications to send presence changes to this person on the roster. You may disable this to reduce network usage, however they will not receive notifications if you turn off the phone


These options are on by default and enable Tigase Messenger for iOS to behave like a traditional client.

If you do decide to receive presence updates when adding a new contact, you will be presented with this screen when they add you back:


By tapping yes, you will receive notifications of presence changes from your contact. This subscription will be maintained by the server, and will stay active with your friends list.


You will only receive this option if 'automatically accept presence requests' is set to yes in account settings.


If somebody not on your friends list adds you, you will receive this same message.