Chapter 2. HTTP File Upload component

Table of Contents

Enabling HTTP File Upload Component
Metadata repository
URI template format
File upload expiration
Complex configuration example
Example configuration for clustering with HA
S3 support for HTTP File Upload
Enabling storage in S3

Tigase’s HTTP File Upload component is an implementation of XEP-0363 HTTP File Upload specification. This allows file transfer between XMPP clients by uploading a file to HTTP server and sending only link to download file to recipient.

This implementation makes use of the HTTP server used by Tigase XMPP Server and Tigase HTTP API component to provide web server for file upload and download.

By default this component is disabled and needs to be enabled in configuration file before it can be used. Another requirement is that the proper database schema needs to be applied to database which will be used by component.

Enabling HTTP File Upload Component


upload() {}