Chapter 1. HTTP API component

Table of Contents

Tigase HTTP-API Release Notes
Tigase HTTP-API 2.2.0 Release Notes
Available modules
Admin UI module
Index module
REST module
Server status module
Setup module
Web UI module
DNS Web Service module
User Status Endpoint module
Common module configuration
Enabling/disabling module
Context path
List of virtual hosts
Complex example
Module specific configuration
Rest Module
DNS Web Service module
Enabling password reset mechanism
Admin UI Guide
A Note about REST
General overview of the UI
Example Scripts
Tigase Web Client

Tigase HTTP API component is a generic container used to provide other HTTP related features as modules. It is configured by default to run under name of http. Installations of Tigase XMPP Server run this component enabled by default under the same name even if not configured.

Tigase HTTP-API Release Notes

Welcome to Tigase HTTP-API 2.2.0! This is a feature release for with a number of fixes and updates.

Tigase HTTP-API 2.2.0 Release Notes

Major Changes

  • Enable HTTP File Upload by default with additional, optional, AWS S3 compatible backend
  • Improvements to Web Setup to make installation even more straightforward
  • Allow exposing .well-known in the root context to facilitate XEP-0156: Discovering Alternative XMPP Connection Methods
  • Add option to redirect requests from http to https

All Changes

  • #http-65: More detailed logs
  • #http-86: Add s3 backend for http-upload
  • #http-91: Items in setup on Features screen are misaligned
  • #http-93: Update web-installer documentation
  • #http-95: Enable HTTP File Upload by default
  • #http-96: Enabling cluster mode / ACS doesn’t add it to resulting configuration file
  • #http-98: Setup tests are failing since Septempter
  • #http-99: Enforce max-file-size limit
  • #http-100: Prevent enabling all Message* plugins
  • #http-101: Prevent enabling all Mobile* plugins
  • #http-102: Last activity plugins handling should be improved
  • #http-103: Enabling http-upload should give an info about requirement to set domain/store
  • #http-105: Handle forbidden characters in filenames
  • #http-106: Can’t remove user for non-existent VHost
  • #http-107: Allow exposing .well-known in the root context
  • #http-108: Add option to redirect requests from http to https
  • #http-109: openAccess option is missing after migrating the component to TK
  • #http-110: Add support for querying and managing uploaded files
  • #http-111: DefaultLogic.removeExpired removal of slot failed
  • #http-113: Add condition to redirect only if the X-Forwarded-Proto has certain value
  • #http-114: TigaseDBException: Could not allocate slot
  • #http-116: Limiting list of VHosts doesn’t work for JDK based http-server
  • #http-117: Http redirection doesn’t work in docker
  • #http-119: Can’t change VHost configuration via Admin WebUI
  • #http-120: Improve S3 support for HTTP File Upload to accept custom URL and credentials for S3 storage configuration
  • #http-121: Deprecate DnsWebService and rewrite /.well-known/host-meta generator