Welcome to Tigase Database Migrator guide

1. Overview

Tigase Database Migrator is component allowing migration of different types of data from various XMPP servers. Currently supports following servers and data:

  • ejabberd

    • User data (authentication, roster)

    • MUC (multi user chat)

    • PubSub

2. Usage

Migrator is a command-line utility. Main class: tigase.db.converter.Converter, if executed without any parameters will display help with all parameters explained:

$ java -cp jars/*:. tigase.db.converter.Converter [options]

2.1. Converter options

Following options are supported

  • -I or --interactive (optional) - Enable interactive mode, which will result in prompting for missing parameters

  • -R value or --repository-class=value - allows specifying DataRepository implementation used for reading data from source; must implement tigase.db.DataSource (default: tigase.db.jdbc.DataRepositoryImpl)

  • -S value or --source-uri=value - URI of the source do the data: jdbc:xxxx://<host>/<database>…

  • -T value or --server-type=value - type of the server from which import will be performed, possible values: [ejabberd, ejabberd_new]

  • -D value or --destination-uri=value - URI of the destination for the data: jdbc:xxxx://<host>/<database>…

  • -C value or --components=value (optional) - additional component beans names that should be activated

  • -H value or --virtual-host=value - allows specifying Virtual-host / domain name used by source installation (for example in case of old ejabberd installations)