Tigase Advanced Clustering Strategy for WorkGroup (ACS-WG)

Tigase Team <team@tigase.com> v3.1.0, 2020-07-22


ACS for WorkGroup allows seamless clustering of WorkGropu nodes across Tigase XMPP server cluster installation. ACS for WorkGroup is required for clustered WorkGroup deployments. If offers various strategies to handle distribution of traffic and nodes across the cluster, which allows fine-tune configuration of the deployment to individual needs.

Tigase ACS WorkGroup Configuration

In order to use ACS for WorkGroup, main Advance Clustering Strategy (ACS) is required. Once it’s enabled, clustered version of WorkGroup component will be selected by default during startup therefore it’s not required to configure it explicitly (make sure no other class is configured).

wg () {}

It’s also possible to explicitly configure the class with the following configuration:

wg (class: tigase.workgroupqueues.cluster.WorkgroupQueuesClusteredComponent) {}

With the above configuration default ACS WorkGroup clustering strategy will be used. In order to select different strategy you have to configure it’s class in strategy bean within wg component bean:

wg () {
    strategy (class: tigase.workgroupqueues.cluster.ClusteredStrategy) {}